Most of us will have considered making a Will, yet even the most sensible of us often think a Will is something to be dealt with ‘later’. However, did you know that if you don’t have a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out, a Law from 1925 decides who inherits your possessions after you die? It’s hard to imagine that a decree that is almost a century old reflects how you would like your family or friends to be treated

With a Will we can ensure that:

  • Somebody you trust is appointed to manage your Estate
  • Any young children you have are looked after by guardians you know and trust
  • Your family and loved ones can receive as much of your Estate as possible
  • You have total peace of mind knowing your final wishes are in order, and your loved ones are looked after

Making a Will really is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for those you care about.